STARTS:   00:00 UTC Saturday Sept. 2   Ends 23:59:59 UTC Sunday Sept. 10.

OBJECTIVE: To work as many INDEXA members, INDEXA Officials, and as many non-INDEXA members as possible in as many U.S. states, Canadian provinces, and DXCC countries as possible.

OPERATOR:  Single op only.  Assisted allowed and encouraged.

POWER:  Up to the legal limit allowed for the operator’s license class.

BANDS:  160, 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters using CW, SSB, and RTTY.  Respect for other activities and observance of established band plans is strongly encouraged.

QSO PARTY EXCHANGE:  SSB:  RS report, INDEXA member status (N, M, or O), and State or Province for U.S. and Canadian amateurs. 

                                              CW & RTTY:  RST report, INDEXA member status (N, M, O) and State or Province for U.S. and Canadian amateurs. 

             ***DX stations will send RS(T) and member status only. Leave the state/province field blank.

QSO Examples:

CQ IQP K6XZY;              K1ABC;        K1ABC  5NN  N  CA;        5NN  M  ME;     TU K6XYZ CQ   (3 point QSO).
CQ IQP K6XZY;              G4ABC;       G4ABC  5NN  N  CA;        5NN  N;             TU K6XYZ  CQ   (1 point QSO).
CQ INDEXA K6XYZ;       WB9Z;        WB9Z 59   N  CA;              59   O   IL;          Thank you K6XYZ CQ INDEXA     (25 point QSO).
CQ IQP JA1XYZ;             DL1XYZ;     DL1XYZ 5NN M;             5NN N ;          TU  JA1XZY CQ    (3point QSO)

SCORING:  A QSO with a non-INDEXA member (N) is worth 1 point.  A QSO with an INDEXA member (M) is worth 3 points.  A QSO with an INDEXA official (O) is worth 25 points. 

Each U.S. state, each Canadian province, and every other DXCC country count as multipliers — once per band.
Example:  QSOs with 60 non-members (60 points), 40 members (120 points), and 4 INDEXA officials (100 points) = 340 points.  Multipliers:  40 U.S. states; 7 Canadian provinces; 45 other countries = multiplier of 92.  SCORE =  31,280.

Stations may be worked once on each mode on each band.


SPOTTING:  Use of spotting networks is permitted.  Self-spotting is allowed.


LOG CHECKING:  All uploaded logs will be checked for errors and scores corrected accordingly.


LOG SUBMISSIONS:  Logs must be submitted in Cabrillo format and uploaded to:   

The deadline for log submission is October 1, 2023.